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The Circuits, Sensors and Renewable Energy Sources (CSRES) Laboratory belongs to the Electronic and Computer Architecture Division of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the Technical University of Crete.

The Circuits, Sensors and Renewable Energy Sources Laboratory (CSRES Lab) serves the (a) experimental training for the allocated courses and (b) the research activities of its members. Educational equipment for 16 positions is fully developed.

The research equipment consist of high precision oscilloscopes, generators and multimeters, electric power quality analyzer, meters for various quantities, as well as microprocessor, DSPs and FPGAs development systems. Also, a number of PCs and peripherals and the necessary software is available. In addition, a wind-generator and a photovoltaic array are installed, along with a meteorological station with data acquisition system for the measurement of related quantities.

The research interests of the people in CSRES Lab are in the following topics: Electronic control devices based on fuzzy logic, neural networks and genetic algorithms. Wind energy conversion systems (interconnected to the power grid and autonomous). Photovoltaic arrays applications. Energy management systems. Sensors and measurement configurations based on data fusion and sensor networking techniques. Biomedical and bioengineering systems. Automation systems for agriculture. Development of inverters and converters, etc.

The faculty and the staff of the laboratory carries out the educational and research projects of the lab.

The Circuits, Sensors and Renewable Energy Sources Laboratory is located at the building of the Dept. of Electronic and Computer Eng. The exact location is pointed in the map.